The Lotus…

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…& The Tattoo

The lotus is one of my favorite flowers of all time (the other being orchids).   I even tainted my body with a fancy pink one on my lower back side.  Of course, I kept it hidden from my folks for many many months…until one day, both of them saw it, looked at each other, shook their heads, and rolled their eyes – obviously, in sheer excitement that I had permanently marked up my body!  Not!  LOL 

If I actually drew the artwork myself, is it still cheesy or considered a tramp stamp?  LOL  No matter, to me, it was to mark a new stage in my life – leaving the comfort of my parents nest and creating my own.  Besides, I hardly ever see it…good thing for it’s discreet location, eh?  My husband on the other hand…well, he sees it quite often – kekeekeee! 

Anyway, back to the lotus subject!  LOL

So, not only was I attracted to it’s beauty, but it’s symbolic meaning in Buddhism further solidify my identity with this flower.   The pink lotus, considered the most supreme, is generally reserved for the highest deity.  Represening faithfulness, purity, enlightenment, wisdom, wealth, compassion, divine beauty, contemplation, and other yada yada yada good sounding stuff…it is often depicted as the throne upon which Buddha sits.  As the lotus grows out of murky water, the flower itself emerges regal, beautiful, and unstained.  Such as life, one supposes…upon spiritual enlightenment, there is always hope and clarity as outcome, even with muddy beginning.


Hello World!

Hi There! 

I thought I’d get on the blogging bandwagon as well.   I know I know I know…better late than never, right?  So, wait here a bit, while I figure this thing out…

Note to self:  am I really ready for this committment?? 

Stay tuned…